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Car rental in Pontianak seems to be a good alternative for those who want to take a vacation without wasting too much time on worrying about what kind of transportations they should take. Known as the city in Indonesia with the hottest temperature, Pontianak actually is not what everyone imagines. You know, a city with the hottest temperature sometimes is characterized with dry and arid. But the reality is just the opposite. Pontianak, known as one of modern cities in Indonesia, is surrounded by tropical rain forests. And the most wonderful thing about this city is the location which is just below the imaginary line of equator. The line divides northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. There are more magnificent things you can do in Pontianak, but before deciding which the first place to go, it would be nice to read following tips to rent a car from rental mobil Pontianak.

Rjasa, Car Rental in Pontianak

Before Renting a Car from Car Rental in Pontianak:

Do some researches

Pontianak is a large city, meaning there are lots of rent-a-car companies out there to choose from. Each company surely offers their best service, but knowing only the good things is not enough. You need to collect much information of several companies and start to compare which is the best and suits your need and expectation. You only have to surf on internet or ask some travel agencies. Usually they have the best deal or special price from rent-a-car companies that work together with them.

Make sure a rent a car company you should has complete documents

The world has changed. Good people and bad people are everywhere. We sometimes do not know who we can trust. But to avoid any frauds, in renting car, you need to make sure that the rent-a-car company you opt, along with its car, has complete official documents. Renting a car requires certain amount of money and of course you do not want to lose money just like that just because you are being fooled. That’s why complete official documents are important.

You need to be careful when renting rental a car in Pontianak

This is not your car. You only rent a car from rental car Pontianak West Borneo. You do not know anything in details about the car. Therefore, being careful when you pick the rented car is needed. Bring payment confirmation with you and read official documents very carefully so you could know how much you have to pay for the car and obligations you must fulfil.

Consider to rent a car for more than a day than getting yourself into a fine

A rent-a-car company has a rule to bring back their car within 24 hours. And if you break the rule, then you will get a fine. Usually the fine is too expensive. However to avoid yourself from such a thing, you can extend the rental period for two or three days. It’s up to you.

Make sure the rent car company has auto insurance

Generally rented cars have auto insurance protecting them, especially Pontianak car rent. And before making a final decision, it is strongly recommended to find out the responsibility given by auto insurance to cover that car. It is very important as knowing the responsibility could avoid even stop you from unexpected things when the car hits the road. Actually you can call a taxi in Pontianak to reach certain places, going to the city of Kuching Malaysia you can rent a car from Pontianak Kuching

Jasa rental mobil di Pontianak murah bisa lepas kunci dengan layanan sewa harian atau bulanan serta travel ke Singkawang & taxi ke Kuching di Kalimantan Barat.

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