Tugu Khatulistiwa, Traveling with rent car in Pontianak

Rent Car in Pontianak is one of the best ways for you to have an easy and fun; time while you in Pontianak West Borneo. To go of traveling destination to West Borneo.! not all people are able to bring their car with them, but people from outside the island choose to use an airplane rather than ship because it is easier and faster. Because it’s hard for us to imagine days on the ship just to get there and it will be harder with a bad weather. It is true.! that you can bring your car by ship but if you choose to use an airplane, there are lots of car rental in Pontianak West Borneo. Once you arrive in the Supadio Airport Pontianak, you can ask the taxi driver to take to the nearest car rental and pick your car there.

Rental Mobil Pontianak RJasa Rent Car and Taxi Service

Why We Choose Rent Car in Pontianak.?

There are lots of famous place for you go in Pontianak West Borneo. Taxi driver can also act as your guide, than rent a car and tour guide. Of course.! If you have a family or someone who can guide you during your holiday in Pontianak, you can ask them to be your guide without spend more money. Since there are lots of Pontianak car rental, you can choose a place with the best price. After you get the car, you can start your journey right away or you can find a hotel for you and family to stay, before you start your journey in this beautiful and exotic city in the next day. So.! before you decide to go to Pontianak, make sure that you have enough holidays because; there are lots of places for you to go in Pontianak.

Visiting Singkawang and Kuching With Rent Car

You can go to Pontianak anytime.! but it will be better for you to go there in the beginning of the year. Because.! you can enjoy “Cap Go Meh” celebration in Singkawang, a place often call small “Hongkong from Indonesia”. Since there is no any single airport in Singkawang.! you can use Pontianak Singkawang car rent to go there. Another beautiful place for you to go while you in Pontianak is; Kuching. How to go there.? Drive for about 6 hours from Pontianak and you will be able to enjoy your journey more with a car than a bus. You can stop and take a photo with your family when you find a good place before you arrive at Kuching. Since there is a long journey from Pontianak to Kuching, And the next.! thing for you to do after you arrive in Pontianak is: to find Pontianak Kuching car rental.